Beautiful. Opulent. Innovative... These are words that conjure images of the bejeweled collection of Los Angeles’ jewelry designer Devon Leigh Sedlacek.                
Taking inspiration from ancient cultures Devon Leigh creates unique styles that define the individual spirit of each woman. Gold dipped metals are combined with semi precious stones merging into show-stopping, intricate designs that become conversational pieces and evoke the sensibility of today’s multifaceted woman in an effortless manner.                                                                                                        
Winner of the Dallas Fashion Award and Rising Star Award nominee, Devon’s work combines a genius mix of of materials and textures. Her jewelry achieves a magnetic synergy between imagination and design that remains unmatched in the marketplace. In her own words: “I design my jewelry intuitively based on a perception of style and beauty that is both decadent and elegant”.                          
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Devon received her BA in film and screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University, with the intention of going into the film industry. What started out as a hobby to fulfill her interests in art and design soon emerged into a full-time business. She knew she was on to something when devotees on her film sets began purchasing pieces right off her neck. Devon’s modern sensibility and unique edgy designs continue to evolve with new inspiration reflecting the current fashion landscape and her own innate vision.              
Her jewelry is about evolution; her evolution as a woman, as a wife and mother and as a designer. The pieces in many ways reflect aspects of her character, a balance of adventurous and refined. “I’ve built my business on one-on-one relationships with my clients,” says Devon Leigh, “This accessibility is very important to me.”