"As a woman born into a loving and stable family, in the world's most affluent country, I recognize that the benefits and opportunities I have had access to are a direct result of the brave women (and men) that came before me, making it possible for me to pursue my passion and art freely and fearlessly. My three beautiful daughters will also never know the limitations of an inability to access education, or the barriers of outright gender discrimination and oppression. They will grow up learning that they can achieve anything they put their mind and heart to. It is not lost on me how random this good fortune of birth really is, and there is so much work to be done to empower women around the globe to help them rise up from the other end of the spectrum. The number one way to assist women out of poverty and oppression, not only for their lifetime, but for generations to come, is by providing safe access to education and housing. Here at Devon Leigh we believe that we can make a difference, and have chosen to support Girl Rising in its global campaign. We ask that you consider doing the same." - Devon Leigh Sedlacek, Founder and Designer 


Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. Girl Rising has recently launched campaigns in India, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo- continuing to bring visibility to the issues girls face and prompt action in places where girls are especially vulnerable. We know that educating girls is the smartest investment of our time, that is why we have partnered with Girl Rising to make a difference for girls all around the world. We believe we can make this possible if we all work together. A percentage of every purchase you make on our website will be donated to Girl Rising. In addition, you can also get involved, learn more about this amazing organization or make a contribution by clicking the Donate button below. 



Photos by Martha Adams, provided by Girl Rising.